Day 1: Arusha

Upon arrival, you’ll be personally met and transferred to Arusha to a well-appointed hotel such as Rivertrees Inn. Depending on your international flight arrival time, a full briefing with the climbs manager and your guide.

Overnight Rivertrees Inn

Day 2: Mount Kilimanjaro

Morning transfer to the Machame climb where the track begins. The day is spent walking to Machame Hut through the mountain’s lush lower rain forest. Depending upon weather conditions, this can be a moderate to demanding day’s work. Camp is pitched at around 3000m. Overnight MACHAME CAMP

Day 3: Mount Kilimanjaro

Rising early you cross a valley and a stream and then climb up a steep ridge for 3-4 hours. The path then drops into a river gorge before ascending more gently onto the moorland of the Shira Plateau, one of the most fascinating areas of the Mountain. Camp is placed near the Shira Hut at 3840m. Overnight SHIRA CAMP

Day 4: Mount Kilimanjaro

Today you walk for 5-6 hours enjoying sightings of the typical Kilimanjaro mountain vegetation (Senecios, Lobelia, Helichrysum) and reaching a high point of around 4600m before descending for the rest of the day. On clear days the Lava Tower can be seen as well as some distinct glaciers. These glaciers are shrinking as world temperatures increase. It is speculated that in a mere 15 years many of these glaciers will disappear forever. The path down to the Barranco Valley can be particularly rewarding and the view of Kibo peak is truly spectacular. In the evening the blanket of cloud often hangs just below the valley, pulsating in the dying light. Camp is pitched in the Barranco Valley at around 3950m. Overnight BARRANCO CAMP

Day 5: Mount Kilimanjaro

Today you ascend the Barranco wall, then walk across scree and ridges into the Karanga valley (4100m) with breathtaking views of the Western Breach and the southern glacier. You arrive in time for lunch in camp and then have plenty of time to relax and even go for a short acclimatisation walk. Overnight KARANGA CAMP

Day 6: Mount Kilimanjaro

From Karanga we head up a morraine ridge taking our time and going slowly. The views here can be spectacular on the southern glaciers and of the glacial valleys that snake their way down the mountain. The final stage to Barafu is quite steep, and as always we take it very slowly. As with the day before you reach camp by around lunch time leaving lots of time to prepare and relax. In the evening your guide briefs you for the final ascent. Overnight BARAFU CAMP

Day 7: Mount Kilimanjaro

The attempt on the summit occurs at night in the very early morning. Each climber is assigned a summit guide to ensure that everyone makes it to the top, or returns as required in complete safety. The going is slow, and often quite frustrating on the scree, but persistence and patience ensure steady progress. Near the summit you pass through the gap between the Ratzel and Rebmann glaciers. At Stella point you can then choose to return - you are after all already higher than any point in Africa! Otherwise, continue to Uhuru peak (5896m). Despite the distance being relatively short, progress is slow - there is less than half the oxygen than at sea level! Uhuru Peak provides a unique satisfaction and usually releases a plethora of emotions. If progress is good you can watch the sunrise from the rooftop of Africa. Most people then start returning quite soon after sunrise as the return journey today is quite long. Camp is pitched at Mweka at around 3100m. Overnight MWEKA CAMP

Day 8: Overnight Travel

After breakfast you descend once again through montane forest and around mid-day after saying farewell to your crew, you are picked up and transferred back to Rivertrees Country Inn for a well-deserved shower! Depending on your flight times, private rooms can be arranged for the day and lunch booked at Rivertrees before being transferred to Kilimanjaro Airport for your International flight back home.

Day 9: End of Itinerary

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